Fun Stuff We Love {January 2021}

Once a month on our chat group, these ladies and I (see picture below) share a product with each other— we each choose something we enjoy using and can recommend. These sweet girls have graciously agreed to allow me to share these products with you here. Each of us will share one item each month, highlighting four products for you, from our various ages and stages of life. From apps to appliances and everything in between!

But first… introductions! Left to right, below: me, my daughter Katie (17), my sister Beka (just had her first baby, an adorable boy, in November), and my sister Rachel (mother of three lovely girls ages 7 and down).

Here are our products to share for this month!

From Jennifer: I got these gloves for Micah last winter. They come in nine wonderful colors. I got him the bright red pair so they are more easily spotted. These keep his hands perfectly warm and dry, which makes playing in the snow so much more enjoyable! They are well designed and good quality. I’d like to get some of these for my girls as well.

From Beka: Here’s my share: the ‘Remember Me’ memorization app. I know this sounds boring, but I’ve become a huge fan of this app and I’ll explain why! This app allows you to select any Scripture verse or chapter from a wide variety of different translations, and it takes a three step approach to memorization. I took some screen shots to show you.

Step one, after having read the passage and familiarizing yourself with it, is to choose the correct word from a list of five suggested words (you can see them displayed at the bottom of the screen). This is so nice because the English language follows a fairly predictable pattern and you can almost always guess correctly, but having to choose word by word allows your brain to internalize the verses.

After having done step one a handful of times, step two comes super easily. It shows you the first letter of each word, and you can choose to reveal one word at a time if you are stuck, or show the whole line if you are breezing through it. I love this part of it because it’s not tedious at all. Generally when you memorize you have parts that you know easily, and parts you get stuck on. Being able to choose whether you need one word or just skip through the whole line is so smart.

The last step (optional as far as I’m concerned, because I’ve found after step two, I’ve got it memorized) is then to just type out the verse word by word with no prompts.

What’s so amazing about this system is that it takes out the mental overwhelm of memorizing. Instead of reading through a passage and then trying to recall it “from scratch”, this walks you through it and allows you to see success right from the start. 

It also saves all your completed passages which is handy. I love this app and for the first time ever I actually feel like I have a way to memorize that feels sustainable to keep doing. I bet kids would enjoy using it as well!

From Rachel: These oatmeal bars are delicious and a family favorite here. I don’t  buy them for every day as they aren’t the cheapest but they are one of the snacks I always get for traveling as they are quite filling and we all like them. They also make a great quick breakfast.

The consistency isn’t oatmealy at all. It’s denser than a granola bar but not as soft as like a brownie.

From Katie:

This phone case is one of my favorite finds ever. I really hate having to carry a wallet and I tend to forget it a lot, but I never forget my phone! 😂 Also it’s nice because it carries multiple cards, (license, debit card, library card, etc..) it can comfortably fit about three cards in it. I really like how it opens up in the back instead of having a flap covering the front of the phone. The only cons are that it makes my phone a little bulky and if lose my phone then I lose my wallet too… but over all this case really has been a life saver for me.

That’s it for this month! Bye! 😘

P. S. – I was an Amazon associate for a very short time, but I have now canceled my Amazon associate account. We are doing all we can in our home to pull away from Big Tech, which in some ways has been painless but in other ways, definitely painful. Our product recommendations here will bring us no financial gain whatsoever.

4 thoughts on “Fun Stuff We Love {January 2021}

  1. ‘Gotta try those oatmeal bars, Rachel! Dang it! Just when I was beginning to think about thinking about losing some weight!


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