About this Blog

God put this blog on my heart several years ago. At that time it was only a dream and I was unsure if it would ever become a reality. In June of 2017, upon the completion of our homeschool year, it became unexpectedly clear to me that the time had come to begin. My prayer is that this blog will encourage women to glorify God by serving Him wholeheartedly in their earthly homes, thereby storing up treasures in their heavenly home.

We are probably all painfully aware that blogs and social media can give a false impression of a perfect life that is free from any chaos or problems. I hope that never happens here. I desire to be be very, very real. Please believe me when I say that our family experiences plenty of bad days, frustrations, poorly behaved toddlers, meals that don’t turn out right, piles of clutter, mounds of unmatched socks, and homeschooling days when I wonder if anyone could possibly have learned anything at all. Not to mention the ninety-nine pairs of shoes that seem to constantly be cluttering the living room floor. I won’t necessarily show you pictures of all that stuff, but I will try to keep my writing on the plane of reality at all times.

I simply want to share my heart with you as from one Christian sister to another. I desire that this blog will help to place high value on the beautiful role of women serving Christ by serving in the home.

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rosebush in the morning sun, May 2017