Photo Post: Tie Dye

Although I’m not much of a crafty mom, I do love tie dye. Olivia received a tie dye craft kit at a Christmas gift exchange and so we took our opportunity for a little mid-winter crafty fun! This kit was for dying a bandana and three scrunchies.

I love these enamel pans. They are so homey and come in handy for various and sundry purposes.
After soaking in the soda ash water, items are ready for die to be applied.
The kit came with dark pink, blue, and yellow dye.
Trying to be so careful to keep the color on only one section of the bunched up fabric.
We mixed some of the colors to try to get orange, purple, and green.
Of course, everyone needed a turn to squirt the die.
After this, we let them soak in individual plastic bags, overnight. Then, it was time for the unveiling…
Here it goes!
Then the scrunchies…
Such pretty colors!
After washing and drying, now they are ready to be worn.
Happy little crafter, modeling her bandana!

Thanks to Sam and Toby for snapping pictures for me during our tie dye activities. ♥︎

2 thoughts on “Photo Post: Tie Dye

  1. Thanks for sharing your beautiful family [‘my’ family, too] with us through your posts and pictures. I love you, all.


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