Fun Stuff We Love {February 2021}

Before this month completely gets away from us, here we are with the second edition of our product share feature!

From Jennifer:

We use this rice cooker all the time. We eat quite a bit of rice and it used to be that the rice would so easily burn when being cooked on the stove. Now it never burns, which is the best part of using a rice cooker. It also has some convenient settings such as a delay start option. I have made different types of rice in it, and all has turned out well. Read the instructions carefully, because the measurement for the rice is a little different than you might expect. The only thing I don’t like is that, when cooking the rice, it doesn’t tell you how much time is left until it gets down to 10 minutes, and then it gives you a countdown. It usually takes about 40 minutes to make a batch. It will keep the rice warm and ready to eat for hours, if you need to cook the rice ahead of time.

From Beka:

I absolutely love the milk frother whisk I got recently. I use it to blend anything in a cup, like hot chocolate or my daily greens powder. What’s amazing about this little tool is that it works wonders for mixing things that tend to be lumpy. I made homemade hot chocolate earlier, and getting the cocoa to incorporate is usually quite a challenge. I took this quick video to show you.

From Rachel:

I am very excited to share this one because these things are AMAZING! Joey got me these cookie scoops for a gift a few years ago. All three are still going strong, the first cookie scoops I’ve ever had that didn’t break within a few weeks of use. I use them several times a week, they are not just for cookies! The small scoop is the perfect size for cookies and meatballs. The medium is just right for muffin batter, and is a total game changer. No more drippy batter to scrub off your muffin tin!! (Just this use is worth the cost of the set alone in my opinion.) The large one I use the least frequently, for things like waffle batter. Highly recommend! Get these and take your baking to the next level. 😁

From Katie:

These earbuds are really good. They have lasted me quite a few months! I ordered them last June and they are still working great. They bluetooth to my phone automatically when I take them out of the case and overall are just seem to have very good quality.

That’s it for this month; thanks for following along! Congratulations on making it through the January slump and February burnout… now onto spring and plants, mud and dirt, the occasional open window, and children finally set free!

On that note, look at this little treasure I found yesterday!

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