Patchwork Post {March 2021}

The Household and the War for the Cosmos
This is an excellent series with deep and relevant content. We have watched the short videos and are soon going to be reading the book. I wish every Christian parent today could hear, understand, and emulate these concepts. From the book description: Because people saw themselves as part of an ordered whole, they also believed that they had obligations to the people around them. They were not just autonomous individuals, but members of households with unique duties to past and future generations. Words like “piety” and “religion” did not refer to what you did in your quiet time, but were more like the seemingly obsolete values of “duty” and “honor.”

I found these little toys at a consignment shop while we were deep in the winter doldrums about a month ago. I was instantly taken back to my childhood! I had these toys as a child, in the same container. Anyone else remember these? Turns out they are as much fun today as they were back then.

Also during the winter doldrums, this classic toy provided hours (literally hour upon hour) of constructive entertainment. Toby and Sammy especially enjoyed making some very complicated creations, including some with moving parts connected to a little motor. We have some books of designs with detailed instructions which helped them with ideas and specifics. Did I mind having K’nex all over the living room floor, 24/7, for weeks on end….? Yes, but not really, if that makes sense.

One of the earliest creations… and they got much fancier and more intricate from here!

Teaching Numbers
Annalise has been working on number recognition, from 0-100. She needs to be quizzed on them each day during her school time. I downloaded a “Random Number Generator” app on my phone, and it’s been perfect. And fun! The one I got is called “Pretty Random.” Annalise loves clicking the button to generate the next number. Of course the user can define the parameters, for working with a smaller or bigger set of numbers. Micah usually asks for his turn when Annalise is finished!

Scripture Memory
In the same vein, a smartphone is a handy tool for helping children with their memory work. I use the voice recorder, and record several Scripture verses at one time. Then, during school each day, they take a turn listening through their designated recording(s).

Crock Pot Granola! Cooks up quickly and is so yummy.

A Little Chuckle
Steve: “I’m going to fix a plate of food for you younger kids, and I want you to eat what I put on it.”
Annalise (in a very quiet and fearful sounding voice): “What are you going to put on it?”

I am Pro-Life, But
Allow us a little rant post (about a topic of vast importance).

School on the porch!
School in the hammock!

From the Archives
I’ve needed this reminder again lately. The Joshua Harris Heartbreak- Thoughts for Parents.

One Last Thing
My cousin Megan has been helping Olivia and Annalise with a sewing project. The result is just too adorable for words. Megan said the girls did most of the sewing themselves!

Annalise with her bunny, “Rosie” and Olivia with her bunny, “Clarabelle.”

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