Fun Stuff We Love {June 2021}

Not just four products to share this time, but six!

From Jennifer: I love these microfiber cleaning cloths from Walmart. They are only 98 cents for two. These microfiber cloths are great for cleaning pretty much anything. The BEST thing about them is they can be used to clean windows. This was a revelation to me recently. No more wasting paper towels on windows. Window cleaner is also optional. A damp/wet microfiber cloth followed by a dry microfiber will clean the glass just fine! 😱 How did I not know this sooner?

I recently discovered these bags. They are perfect for storing a loaf of homemade bread (which don’t really fit well in a ziplock bag). Also much cheaper than ziplocks. I got them to make up some goodie bags for an event and they worked well for that too. I always feel bad about throwing away ziplocks and so I try to wash them and keep them. These are more of a use and throw away type of item. Also good for keeping leftovers, etc.

From Beka: I have fallen in love with this chair made by Ikea. I have always struggled with back pain, and this chair nearly completely eliminates that. It’s perfect for lounging, reading, crafting, etc. Not meant for sitting at a desk though, as it has a slight recline. People always fight over who gets to sit in this chair 😁

I absolutely love this lip product. They call it a lip mask but it’s essentially a heavy duty chapstick. It is made with natural oils and only lightly scented, which I appreciate. It lasts for hours and has a lovely shine to it, almost like a lip gloss, which makes it really nice to pair with lipstick. I also love the applicator tool because getting beauty products under my fingernails is a major pet peeve 😅 Highly recommend if you have dry lips like me, or if you live in the midwest.

From Rachel: My recommendation is this toddler cup. It is an honest-to-goodness leak-free cup, something so many claim to be and definitely are not. It is a very clever design and helps toddlers learn how to drink from an open cup, as they have to tip it up and they can drink from any point. The best part is that it is super easy to clean and comes apart into 3 parts that are all washable. No more tubes or spouts that you can’t clean!

From Katelyn: Here’s my product share. I got this calligraphy book at Walmart a few weeks ago. I’ve always liked calligraphy and thought it would be fun to learn it! The book has been super helpful and even though I’ve only done a few pages I’ve already learned a lot. I got the calligraphy pens on Amazon.

Inside at the beginning there are multiple pages explaining how to hold the pen, what types of pens to get, how to stroke the pens etc. It’s quite informative. The back has a ton of decorative pages you can use once you’ve finished all the pages before it/learned how to do the lettering. Overall I’ve just found the book super fun. 😁

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