How to find those matching gloves and mittens (never dig through a bin again)

We’ve probably all been there. Excited kids on every hand, freshly fallen snow outside, and suddenly you find yourself lost in a bin full of mittens, gloves, scarves, hats– all sizes, shapes and colors, and no matches in sight. Arghh! Just get these kids outside to play already!

I decided this would finally be the winter to conquer the winter gear problem, once and for all (if such a thing were possible). (Spoiler– looks like it might be possible!)

This idea is not unique to me. It’s all over Pinterest, if you search for ideas on how to organize winter accessories. I’m here to tell you that, unlike some Pinterest ideas, this one WORKS, and you don’t even have to put the rest of your life on hold in order to get it accomplished.

I got two over the door shoe hangers, and hung them in separate places. One is the for kids’ stuff, and one is for grown-ups’ stuff.

The shoe hangers need to have clear pockets so you can see what is inside. They can be hung on a wall; doesn’t have to be a door. Then you can organize everything to your heart’s content and feel so pleased with yourself.

You get the picture! Simple concept… but we’ve saved time (and sanity) already, and it’s only late November!

Kids’ stuff, in the garage
Grown-ups’ stuff, inside
My sweet Micah, last winter. No snow here yet this year!
Those rosy cheeks…

6 thoughts on “How to find those matching gloves and mittens (never dig through a bin again)

  1. I love this idea! I put mittens and things in one on the back of our door too – it definitely makes it easy to pull stuff out (I still lose mittens though! Ha!)

    And the pictures of Micah last year are so cute!! Every time he comes I ask him, “Are toy really only three??” He just seems so grown up in so many ways. I hope he has a good day tomorrow ❤️


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  2. I keep a shoe holder on the back of my bedroom door for medicines as I have very little storage space. I like to be organized more than ever in my old age. A good Bible verse is: Let all things be done decently and in order. love, GG

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