I don’t mean to disagree with my husband

Steve said these are arrows, not dominoes.

At Joshua’s high school graduation, as I envisioned each child reaching this same milestone in quick succession, I remarked that the “dominoes were beginning to fall.” Steve replied, “Not dominoes. Arrows. Today the arrows are beginning to fly!”

edit4I know he’s right, of course. They ARE arrows and it’s super exciting to watch them fly.

But I have to be honest, it sure does seem like dominoes at times. All of a sudden, I find myself looking around and thinking, “Where is everyone? Is this everyone I’m supposed to have?”

What used to be a family of continual expansion and growth is becoming a shrinking family right before my eyes. My older ones are gone more and more often, as working jobs and other various pursuits call them out of the home. Joshua just left for college again. Ethan’s graduation is coming up this spring and his sights are set on university as well. Some afternoons lately, I find myself at home with only four children. (That’s a 50% decrease!) All this is as it should be and it brings such joy to my heart to see them spreading their wings.edit3I am writing this, not really to disagree with my husband 😉, but to encourage the younger moms who may feel like things keep growing and growing and expanding to the point that they wonder if they are literally going to lose their minds. I’ve been there, and I will never forget the stress and demands of those years. Truly it changed me forever as a person, which I now see as all part of God’s plan.

If you are in the stage of overwhelming growth, I’m here to share with you that before you know it the tables will turn. The scales will tip. The dominoes will begin to fall… or however you want to look at it. So allow yourself to roll gently along through the moments. The crazy, demanding, overwhelming moments. God will get you through every hour crowded with needy little people, every moment of craziness, every long night and stressful day. This stage will not last forever. Take a deep breath, remember not to over-stress, and remind yourself to enjoy the growth, enjoy the decline, enjoy each stage, all as a gift from God’s hand.edit2The quiver may be crowded, but the arrows are sharp and the bow is being drawn!

This new stage I’m finding myself in brings various emotions of course, but overall I’ve been surprised over the past couple years at how quickly the dynamic of life can change. How thankful we should be that they are God’s dominoes and God’s arrows. We can turn to Him as our Rock through all the ups and downs, changes, and seasons of life. edit1

4 thoughts on “I don’t mean to disagree with my husband

  1. Hi Dear Again Blessings to you and your family. My g.grandkids are adorable.Keep teaching them about Jesus and right from wrong. Don,t let Satan get you down as he is headed for the bottomless pit. Myke and Holly stopped in over night on their way back to Virginia after attending a conference here. Both are happy and busy. It was so good to see them again. Holly;sparents took care of their four boys so they could get a vacation for a few days. It is only the fear of God that can deliver us from the fear of man. Love you, Grammy

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  2. I am older than you but in the same place because my children came later. It is such a weird feeling to cook dinner for so few, to have plenty of room in the van, to do anything without counting heads. I’m not sure I’m liking it lol. But I’m blessed that my children are keeping me in their lives, even taking me out to lunch!

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