A four-year-old boy and his mom

Micah is a thoughtful child and he has a way of saying things that my other kids didn’t necessarily verbalize. Here are three recent little exchanges that give us glimpses into the heart and mind of a four-(soon to be five)-year-old boy.

We have a little section of wall in the hallway where the kids mark their height from time to time. We were looking at it a few days ago and remarking over the growth of each one.

Me: “Wow Micah, you are getting so big!”
Micah: “Well, I don’t want to grow up and get married. I’m never going to get married!”
Me: “Why not?”
Micah: “Because then I will have to go away from you. I’m never going away from you!”

One night, I was encouraging Micah to go lay down in the boys’ room, where he is supposed to sleep.

Me: “Just go in the room with Toby. You’ll be fine in your brothers’ room. Why can’t you go to sleep in there with Toby?”
Micah: “Because Toby is not you! I want to be with you.”

Another night, as I was dozing off, Micah kept saying my name and asking me about various things. Finally, this:

Micah: Mommy?”
Me: “What honey…”
Micah: “I just wanted to say your name.”

You’re his whole world, Mama. He’ll branch out when he’s ready, but for now, soak it up and soak it in. At this age and stage, everything is wrapped up with you. You are the majority of what he needs right now, and funny thing… he’s so much of what you need, too.

4 thoughts on “A four-year-old boy and his mom

  1. I hope you are writing and keeping all of this, precious! I heard so many sweet things when I had my daycare. I didn’t keep a journal, I was so busy, but regret that I didn’t find away to capture the beautiful moments.

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    1. Thank you June… I haven’t recorded very much either, over the years, wish I had more! Seems like just yesterday to me that you had all those precious grandkids at your house in Draft. 💕🌸


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