Inspiration for the Everyday

Several years ago, I began to compile a commonplace book. I called it “Inspiration for the Everyday.” In it, I have been writing down quotations, bits and pieces of various lengths from various sources; words that I have heard or read. If it seems that I might want to come back to those words at a future time, I try to write them down in my commonplace book.

I have found myself coming back to them many times over, and it occurred to me that maybe you’d be blessed and encouraged by some of these thoughts, from time to time, as well.

Calmly, quietly, simply… take your burden into His presence and lay it down there. He is your Father. He who made the body, and gave it to you, will see to the supply of its needs. Your health, your children, the condition of His church, are dear to Him who notices a falling sparrow, and who numbers the hairs of your head.

-F.B. Meyer

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God is Sovereign over every area of life. But we are not acting like it.

-Dave Brat


Practice this awareness: I am joined with Jesus. It is a kind and good yoke. Ask God inside [your home]. ‘What about this? What should I do next?’ It’s His program! We are building His kingdom! We are aiming at something way beyond the diapers and the teens.

-Marietta Shank

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