Inspiration for the Everyday

Some of us spend our whole lives regretting the past and fearing tomorrow, instead of trusting God for today.
-Pastor Frank Hall


There are in all human lives hours of overpowering anxiety, when we feel as though it were impossible to live another moment— exposed to danger, separated from dear ones, not knowing what an hour may bring forth. Then, as you look up, you find that the LORD is beside you, sharing your anxieties, and affording you His inviolable protection. You cannot see Him with the natural eye, but you know Him to be there, and neither man nor devil can prevail against you.
-F.B. Meyer


Why are we so weak, fearful, and wishy-washy? Omnipotence is on our side!
-Brian Bonney

{These quotations are from my commonplace book.}

Blessings to you today, as you serve God wherever He has placed you!

2 thoughts on “Inspiration for the Everyday

  1. thank you for sharing. Only 55 degrees this morning and cold. Raining,also. Kim is here doing her chores. I miss NH but will be warm this winter. We have lots of sparrows and birds to watch and they love to fly in and out of Val,s rose bushes year round. Havea good winter as you will be living ina different climate,too. You have a wonderful family. Do you enjoy music with your family?Love, Grammy


    1. Hi Grandma, thanks for reading along! So glad you have birds to watch. We are getting adjusted to our new surroundings, and yes we’re wondering how rough the winter will be! Our family sings together quite often and most of us enjoy musical pursuits of one sort or another. Sending my love and a big hug, Jennifer


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