Photo Post: Family Outing to Fugate Woods

Being in a new area of the country means finding new places to explore! We all piled in the van recently to venture out to Fugate Woods. So often in life, simple things bring the most joy.

The photographers happily photographed whatever struck their fancy, the little ones happily ran and climbed, Micah happily hummed a tune, Steve patiently (and happily) pushed the stroller the whole way, and we all hungrily devoured a watermelon at a clearing while the boys tossed a football. The happiness was marred only by a gnat getting in Olivia’s eye and a frog getting in my shoe. And as you probably know or can imagine, in a family this size with this many little people, if everyone stays happy for a few hours out in the woods, it is surely a day to be remembered.

There is so much beauty to behold. Truly, this is our Father’s world. My favorite thing on this outing was the rich autumnal color of the chestnuts in the sunlight on the path.

Moments like these must be treasured. I was just looking back at my last photo post, and oh my goodness, what is happening to all those tiny, chubby faces??!edit1

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