To the homeschool mom, as the year begins

As another school year comes into focus, I want to give you a heads up about something that often happens at this time of year. You may be experiencing it even as you are reading this post.

The school year is looming and plans are swirling in your head as you prepare for another year of educating your children at home. An overwhelming job, not for the faint of heart. You work at organizing, sorting, and getting all the things ready.

Then, out of nowhere, comes some unforeseen situation or challenge, something you never expected, something utterly discouraging…. leaving you feeling like you’ve been punched in the gut. The wind has effectively been taken out of your sails.

Before you’ve even sharpened the first pencil you are left wondering, “Why am I even doing this? Can this possibly be worth it? Why waste all this effort if ________ ?” (fill in the blank). And your mind starts thinking of plenty of other things you could fill your days with besides math problems, teacher manuals, schedules, reading aloud, marker boards, special sounds, flash cards, unmotivated kids, and trying to manage all the chaos in between. Plenty of other things.

You need to know that these happenings at/before the start of the school year are not random chance. Not at all. It took me a few years to figure this out.

This is the enemy doing all he can do to discourage truth from going forth in your home through another school year, to discourage you from even attempting to protect these little ones, and to convince you it’s destined to fail before you even get started.

I share this because I have experienced it. Maybe you already know exactly what I’m talking about.

So let’s remind one another to be aware, and be on guard for these attacks. Knowing the enemy’s tactic is half the battle. Be ready to say, “I won’t listen to the lies, I will stay the course. I will fulfill this calling in my home. I will run with endurance and look unto Jesus, the Author and Finisher… I believe to see the goodness of the Lord.”

Press on, dear sister and friend. He who began a good work will be faithful to complete it. Stand your ground and meet the enemy with your weapons of warfare (e.g. sharpened pencils), knowing that God is indeed at work. Leave the outcome to Him and boldly go forth to face another year.

Photos of my mom’s flowers. Check out her online journal!

7 thoughts on “To the homeschool mom, as the year begins

    1. So glad it was helpful to you. I’m in the middle of a big kitchen project at the moment (school plans going on in my head 😅) but I felt impressed to take time to post these thoughts. 💛


  1. Be ye stedfast, unmovable abounding in the work of the Lord for as much as ye know that your laborious not in vain in the Lord…..Love and Prayers, Grammy

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  2. Thank you so much for this post I really needed it today. I was having such a hard time with my fourth grader and I just told him maybe public school the answer? Of course I really didn’t want to tell him that. In my frustration that’s what came out. After reading this, I felt so much better knowing that I need to be on guard and keep the course. Blessings to you!

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