Stay at Your Post

God has you where you are for a reason, even though you may not understand what that reason is. None of us fully understands God’s plan at work in our individual lives. It’s tempting to think that something really important, something that makes a lot more sense, is out there somewhere.

“That something else is, in our imagination, a very important thing, and it has an imagined importance that makes sense to us. It is a creature of ours. And if it makes sense to us, then it is a sure thing that we are flying blinkered and blind.” -Douglas Wilson, Ploductivity

Trust the Master Planner. He is working all things together for His kingdom, and He has given you a part in it that is uniquely yours. Understanding the big picture is not required; just do your job, stay at your post, and place it all in the Hands that hold the universe together. We can’t see the end of the road or the big picture. We can only see our tiny corner and this fleeting moment we call today. He knows the end from the beginning.flower2

“We are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared beforehand for us to do. God is up to something big– He has a cosmic project in view– and not one of us knows the fullness of what that is. …

God designs the huge projects and He assigns all the big parts to all the little people. He says to Smith that he is to stand in this particular spot, and when the whistle blows, he is to pull that lever. ‘Why?’ Smith wonders. “Just pull the lever,” God replies. …

The only way our vision can be large enough is if it is submitted entirely to the will of God — and we demonstrate our understanding of that by staying at our post and pulling the lever when the whistle blows.” – Douglas Wilson, Ploductivity

Stay committed to your post. Trust God that He will make it abundantly clear if/when a change of post is necessary. He will.

Contemplating the coming school year, I’m reminded that I need to be fully present where God has me, ministering to those in my path each day. I’ve been at this particular post for a long time. The tasks that God has given me for the coming school year will make up a full plate, even though my season of life has shifted a little bit. I now have only six children at home, five in school, and my youngest is three and a half. As has been the norm for me over the years, especially during certain seasons, most of my marginal time will be taken up with “extra” things; but not really extra, because they are divine assignments, and they, too, are part of staying at my post.

No one else may see, notice, applaud, or understand, and we need to be perfectly fine with that. We are not seeking the praise of men. We are looking unto Jesus with eyes of faith. All our moments and our days belong to Him, and He blesses us with so much beauty and simple joys along the way.

“They who trust Him wholly, find Him wholly true.” flower


6 thoughts on “Stay at Your Post

    1. Thank you so much, and thanks for reading along! It’s amazing to think about God’s people, all over the globe, quietly and faithfully doing the work He has given them to do in His ‘cosmic project’!


  1. Hi Jenny,dear All of you are in my prayers. We are never out of God’s presence in our lives. Keep safe and claim the promises.With Christ in our vessel we can smile at the storm. Love to everyone, Grammy

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