God of the Very Small

{I wrote this several years ago. The photos were taken by Katelyn during a family day at the Blue Ridge Parkway, although not the same day referenced in this article.}

“Look at this, Mom!” My daughter ran up and handed me a lacy green fern leaf. We both gazed at it for a moment, a delicate and detailed specimen.

Our family was enjoying a day together with friends on the Blue Ridge Parkway. We had just gazed out over some vast and glorious mountain ranges on a crystal-clear day. We had joined our voices together in singing “How Great Thou Art” as we surveyed the breathtaking beauty. (All the while keeping one eye on the rambunctious children who couldn’t seem to stop getting too close to the rock wall ledge!) Only God could create such a magnificent sight. Our hearts swelled in worship of the Almighty One.


Now, as my daughter gently stroked the feathery fern, my heart stirred with the same emotion I had felt while gazing over the mountains. The Almighty God who had created the vast mountain range, valley, and sky, had also created this masterpiece we were holding. Only He deserved the glory for such a beautiful part of His creation.

God is the God of the huge, the vast, the enormous– mountains, oceans, the world, our solar system, all of space, both known and unknown to man. He is also the God of the small, the detailed, the miniscule– one leaf, one flower, a butterfly, a blade of grass, a water droplet. And of course our world extends even into a microscopic world which scientists tell us is also awe-inspiring.


As I have meditated on these truths for the past few months, I have found many applications in my day-to-day life.

Sometimes I look at the “big picture”– our nation, for example. I see unrighteousness at every turn. I feel powerless to make a difference, and I think, “What can be done?” I certainly don’t have the power to change the nation as a whole. But, what DO I have power to change? I can impact and change one little part of this nation, and that is our home. Although I know God is interested in our nation as a whole (the big), He is also interested in our home (the small). He is interested in what is happening at our house. Is He truly pleased with every aspect of our home? Is He honored by our words, our actions, our attitudes, our entertainment, our goals, our ambitions, our activities?


SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESAs wives and mothers, we face many challenges each day that may seem small or insignificant. It can seem like the day is comprised of one problem after another, needing to be solved. What should I make for supper? Where is the other shoe (we’re leaving for church in 1 minute)? Who is at fault with this disagreement between the children? How can I keep the house from getting messed up so quickly? Where are the van keys? Who cut this important paper into little tiny shreds?

I have learned that God is interested in these seemingly small problems. I can come to Him at anytime and ask for help with anything. As a very tired Mommy, I have even prayed about finding a lost sock for a child!

As we face each new day, let’s remember the God that we serve. Does He have some “enormous” task for me to do for Him today? He may, but more than likely He has a myriad of “little” things for me to do for Him– a baby to be comforted, dishes to be washed, a kind word to be spoken, encouragement to be given, meals to be cooked, clothes to be washed, a child to be hugged…

Do these things matter to God? Yes, they do. If He even sees a sparrow that falls to the ground (Matthew 10:29), I know He sees me as I work in my home. This is how He has chosen for me to serve Him right now, and, in reality, it is not a small thing at all. In the whole scheme of things it may seem like a small place of service, but I am so thankful that He is the God of the Very Small.

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