Can we please let the men be men

“Stop being such a man.

You’re not allowed to be a man to the very core of your being. Don’t you know that? Just stop it. I mean, it’s fine to be a man, but please don’t be a MAN.”

This message is coming at our husbands and sons with gale force these days.

I know this problem is nothing new on the scene today. This is one of the many sad results of the out-of-control feminism of the past several decades. Men are stripped of their manhood in every arena of society. The consequences of this de-masculization are probably more far-reaching than any of us realize.

Here is how I have seen it playing out lately–

It’s fine for a man to be accused without evidence, to have his character destroyed on the basis of one woman’s uncorroborated sob story. Perfectly fine. It’s not fine for that man to rise up in self-defense, anger, and indignation over the unfounded accusations. He’s unfit for leadership at that point. Such a bad boy.

It’s fine for a woman to dress/undress and display her body in any manner she pleases. She’s beautiful, she’s confident, and she’s not inhibited by anyone’s opinion. Perfectly fine. It’s not fine for a man to respond to the advertisement of her body and everything she’s got by being stimulated in a sexual manner. He’s an animal at that point. Such a bad boy.

{I am not endorsing or excusing out-of-control anger or out-of-control sexual desire in any way. Those things are of course very real and they are wrong. I’m not talking about men who will use their prowess to harm a weaker individual or to take advantage of innocent people. I’m talking about good men who desire to do the right things, who display love and honor for their wives and children.}

It’s fine for a wife to make her own plans and decisions, live her own life, and determine the direction of the family. She’s capable and she’s got it all together. Perfectly fine. It’s not fine for a husband to express his wishes (kindly), to make suggestions, and to want to know his wife’s plans. Let alone desire to lead the family or to think his wife should consider his advice. He’s a dumb, egotistical, selfish pig at that point. Such a bad boy.

Our society seems to be completely unaware that 1- there is such a thing as a good boy and 2- there is such a thing as a bad girl.

Ladies, we must let our men be men. We must affirm to our husbands, sons, and society that real men are needed and they are valued. We must respect and honor them in their manhood, manhood that runs deep and strong. We must stop treating our good, honorable men like bad boys. As women, we desire to be respected and affirmed. Our society has no trouble understanding that point. Our men are deserving of absolutely no less. mountainsswinglight

Real Life Romance

The picture on Instagram spoke volumes. It grabbed me immediately. (I wish I could give credit to the person who posted it, but I have no idea who it was now.) A mom and a dad were sitting in the front seats of a minivan, holding hands. The pic had been taken by a child in the backseat. The lady posting it said one of her children had gotten ahold of her phone and taken the picture. She discovered it later. She said that she and her husband always held hands when they went places as a family in their minivan.

This, I thought, is real life romance.

You have the fairy tale kind of romance, and then you have the real life kind.edit9The fairy tale kind of romance is Continue reading “Real Life Romance”

Dear Young Ministry Wife- Part 1

Dear Young Ministry Wife,

You have embarked on an adventure with your husband, serving in Christian ministry side-by-side. Like any adventure, there will be victories, challenges, disappointments, unexpected twists and turns, and no doubt you will both gain wisdom and experience along the way. It’s not a journey for the faint of heart.

You may feel nervous. Excited. Wondering if you will be able to be a “good” ministry wife. Maybe you are dreaming of the possibilities Continue reading “Dear Young Ministry Wife- Part 1”