If you give your child your phone charger

If you give your child your phone charger, she will use it to charge the tablet in the living room. You will get a vague sense that she may have moved it to one or two other rooms in the course of the day’s events. Since you are too tired to worry about it, you will go to bed and your phone will not get charged. The next day, you will write on your to do list, “Look for/find phone charger.”

The next day, late in the afternoon, you will go looking for it, starting in the room where it was originally taken. Seeing no sign of it, you will track through the other two rooms in question, but will not find it. You will ask the child in question, “Where is my phone charger that you borrowed yesterday?”

The child will say, “Oh, I think it’s right here,” and lead you to the living room.

“No,” she will say, “I think it’s in here.”

She will lead you through the same two rooms you already went through, and then shrug, “I don’t know where it is.”

After that, you will begin to question various family members, and one of your sons will say, “Oh yeah, we took it into our room,” and he will retrieve it for you.

Gratefully, you will set in on your dresser, planning to plug it in behind the bed where it belongs. But first, you will crash on the bed for a few minutes, because it will have been a long and hot and tiring day.

You will get up a few minutes later, intending to immediately plug in the phone charger. Alas! It is not there! You will say, “Am I losing my mind? I think I just set my phone charger on this dresser a few minutes ago. Where did it go?” You will again go and start a general questioning of family members.

Another son will say, “Oh yeah, I took it off your dresser and was using it in the living room.” Off you will go, to the living room– no sign of it anywhere.

The son will say, “I plugged it in right here.” You will stand there together, staring at the empty outlet.

Your husband will hear your voice of distress and he will say, “Oh, I think the older son who was installing the flooring may have moved the charger while he was working on the living room floor.”

Off you go, looking for the older son. You will find him, in the bathroom, taking a shower. You will yell through the bathroom door, “Hey! Did you see my phone charger?”

He will yell back, “Oh! Yeah, I did!”

You will answer, “Where did you put it?”

He will say, “I have it.”

You will answer, “Where? In there??”

“Yes,” he will shout back, “It’s in here, charging my phone.”

Happy to have pinpointed the charger’s location, you will say, “Well, when you’re done, could you please bring it to my room? I’m going to bed.”

The next morning will come, and you will wonder why your son never brought you the phone charger. You will go hunt him down. “Why didn’t you bring me my charger last night like I asked?”

“Oh, I gave it to little sister. She was supposed to take it to you.” You will track down little sister. “Did brother give you my phone charger last night before bed?”

“Oh yes, Mommy, he did.”

“Where did you put it?”

She will lead you by the hand, down the hallway, to your room. “Right here, Mommy. On your dresser.”😁

phone charger

8 thoughts on “If you give your child your phone charger

    1. Thank you Cindi! True to my life too! This was a real-life account that I just couldn’t help documenting after it went on and on like that…. 😅


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