Saying Goodbye to Windy Hill

Moving is beyond exhausting, and when in that weakened frame of mind, you arrive at the moment of saying goodbye to your home of thirteen years, it can be pretty tough. And so, the heart-wrenching moment had come.

As we explored the familiar spaces for the last time, our voices echoed through the now empty rooms.

Our minds went back to when we, so young and naive, first bought the old place, and the farmhouse adventure began. What a journey it had been. Renovations, repairs, more renovations, more repairs, tearing out, building up, little by little, bit by bit, month after month and year after year, until we eventually had a cozy and spacious nest on top of that windy hill.

That’s what we called her. Windy Hill.

On that July morning, we gathered in a circle in the living room, all of us more or less in tears. We shared our thoughts as we were able, and we prayed.

In that moment, a simple thought entered my mind. A simple thought, yes, but in a world such as this one, it bears repeating every now and then.

What was the *best* part of the thirteen years on Windy Hill?

Was it the gorgeous mountain views?
The big open farmhouse kitchen?
The cozy warm woodstove?
The wood floors and the spacious rooms?
The peaceful country setting?
The carefully selected paint colors?
The pretty farmhouse porch?

(Don’t get me wrong, there were plenty of drawbacks too. In all honesty, living at Windy Hill was kind of a love-hate relationship. We learned many things the hard way. But God had faithfully provided for each need, and taught us so much along the way.)

We had poured ourselves into the place, and now, it was hard to break away. The rambling old place represented big things for Steve and I, and for our crew. God had been so, so good.

Now, back to answering that question.

The best part of Windy Hill? It was…

•Footsteps pattering down the steps each morning.
•Daddy coming home from work each evening.
•A chorus of excited little voices, “Daddy’s home! Daddy’s home!”
•Evening talks on the deck or the porch swing.
•Being at home each day for school with my dear ones.
•Older kids beginning to drive– “Bye Mom!” and then a few hours later, “Hello!”
•Joshua returning safely home from college.
•Katelyn trekking up and down the hill to the horse farm.
•Ethan making creative short films with his siblings.
•The five beautiful brand-new babies we brought home from the hospital.
•Laughter ringing out in the yard on a summer evening.
•Brightly colored winter hats bobbing up and down the snow-clad hill.
•Morning coffee and quiet time with Steve (occasionally it was quiet time, anyway.)
•A little face beaming at me from Daddy’s lap on the riding mower.
•Meals around the table– chatter, clamor, and general chaos.
•All this, and much, more more.

Those days, hours, and moments of living life together, had been the *best* part of the thirteen years at Windy Hill. And from there, it was time to head out together, to the new adventure ahead.

So, this is just a little reminder that it’s the people that truly matter. As you create your own cozy nest, remember that houses come and go, paint colors fade, wood floors get scratched, and decor trends will change next year.

Treasure your dear ones. Treasure the moments of being together. That’s what you’ll remember and that’s what they will remember and it’s all that will truly matter in the end.

And if you ever buy an old farmhouse, my best advice is…. actually I don’t have any advice. Just hang on for the ride!

I’ve missed Windy Hill these past few months, in some ways. This has been an emotional time. So allow me to share a few photos in memory of our farmhouse adventure, and in memory of all the precious moments there, with my crew.

Summer of 2006 (before we moved in):


Ethan and Katelyn, pictured above, ages 4 and 2. Ethan just visited a University yesterday, and Katelyn is now on the verge of getting her driver’s license. How the years have flown.



Fast forward 13 years to Spring of 2019, when we put the house up for sale. (Don’t be fooled by the neatness. As I said, she was being put up for sale.)


Thanks for reading along!


3 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye to Windy Hill

  1. Hugs through the tears! Moving is so hard, and yes it’s not really because of the house, more because of all the happy memories entwined with the place, and the representation of the life you lived there. It’s a journey and an emotional one at that! It was hard for us after 3.5 years, I can’t imagine 13. ♥️ I also found the moving process to be a great reminder that ultimately home for us is not on this earth, and nothing here is really permanent like we tend to think it is. Our home is with Him!

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  2. “What is home? My favorite definition is “a safe place,” a place where one is free from attack, a place where one experiences secure relationships and affirmation. It’s a place where people share and understand each other. Its relationships are nurturing. The people in it do not need to be perfect; instead, they need to be honest, loving, supportive, recognizing a common humanity that makes all of us vulnerable.” by Gladys Hunt from Honey for A Child’s Heart. One moves their old memories from a house to another home, where new memories build on the old memories, creating a new home. xoxox Mom


  3. Hope you are settling in and enjoying your new environment. I am adjusting to Texas culture,too. I don,t think I will ever enjoy Mexican food,but en=joy Arby,s cheese burger. Kevin and Val eat out a lotand it has been something my tummy has to get use to. It is cold here at 45 temps and the people dress for the winter I have known in New England. Today we went to a craft show and I wore my winter coat. * I had fun seeing what people make today and Keven bought me a gorgeous ornament for our christmas tree. I had wonderful birthday,too and am spoiled rotten.* *These are busy days with the holidays ahead and I wish you all a Happy Thanksgving. ove, Grammy*


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