The Next Phase of the Journey

Get ready, get set, go! Currently, our household is in a stage that feels like “geeettt reeeeeaaaaaadyyy”, mainly because two weeks ago we tore the dilapidated ceiling out of our school room (down to the joists) and have been trying to give the entire room a facelift. This is the only room that has basically gone untouched since we bought our old farmhouse twelve years ago. This room has finally gotten a turn for some improvements, at long last. I’m loving how it has turned out. Fixing up my nest is one of my favorite activities. I should be showing some pics of the changes on my Instagram soon.

This year, our “getting ready for school” phase has also involved a new activity; that of getting our firstborn packed up and out the door for his first semester of college. Meanwhile, I’m trying not to think about how many days it will be until mid-December.

btyAlthough we have graduated one student from the Hall Family Christian School, we are gaining an eager kindergartener, so at least our enrollment isn’t down. :) It takes a lot of effort, some years more than others, to embark on another homeschool year.

The Lord brought 1 Kings 18 to my mind recently, where the prophets of Baal and the prophet Elijah both try to call fire down from heaven to consume their sacrifices. The prophets of Baal worked hard all day and went to tremendous effort, but in spite of all their effort, no fire fell. They were calling on false gods. Elijah also put forth quite a bit of effort in preparing his sacrifice. He labored. But then comes the difference— he called upon the name of the living God. Fire fell immediately, and God’s name was greatly glorified that day.

“Every morning that breaks, there are mercies anew…”

As we labor and work diligently to begin another year of homeschooling, we need to remember where the ‘fire’ really comes from. No matter how organized our school rooms or how orderly our days; no matter how excellent our curriculum or how creative our lesson plans; no matter how careful our planning or how well-educated our children… if we don’t call upon the true and living God to bless our efforts with His favor, we are missing the mark. The desperately-needed fire of His blessing will not fall.

Let’s call upon Him as we begin, and truly call upon Him every day of every week for the school year that lies ahead.

For some, calling upon Him will include a morning quiet time. For others, it will involve a heart’s cry of “Help, Lord!” as they jump out of bed to immediately begin meeting the many needs of little ones. For still others, it will mean asking their husbands to intercede for them during a particularly demanding phase of motherhood and homeschooling. For yet others, it will mean gathering their children around them, and leading them in praying for God’s blessing and help upon the day.  As we call upon God throughout these various phases of life, motherhood, and homeschooling, we learn more about knowing God, trusting Him, and seeking Him in the nitty-gritty of life.

We may accustom ourselves to be constantly breathing out prayer and praise to our Father in heaven. We can have many little talks with Jesus along the way…
-Rowland Hill

Our efforts alone are not nearly enough to accomplish this great task. Only in God’s strength and power can we truly succeed. As Elijah prayed, “let it be known this day that thou art God in Israel, and I am thy servant, and that I have done all these things at thy word. Hear me, O LORD, hear me, that this people may know that thou art the LORD God,…”

Here’s to a great school year ahead as we diligently work each day to educate and train our precious children.bty

*Photo credits to Helen Aardsma (my mom) who has grown beautiful morning glories as long as I can remember. August 2018, Mulberry Lane Farm, Loda, IL.

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