What’s All This about a New Vitamin? Part Four.

Following the events described in Part Three, everything started moving super fast. {If you are brand new to the story, you will want to start at Part One.} We got word that Dad’s longtime friend Tom was going to become the third person in the world to test the new vitamin. Tom was dealing with a recurrence of prostate cancer following a prostatectomy.  He was likely headed for chemo, but in the meantime he began to take MePA to see what effect (if any) it would have on his prostate levels, which were being checked every few months.

Dad mailed a package to the FDA with the appropriate paperwork, to notify them of MePA as a New Dietary Ingredient, on July 7, 2017.  The package was returned six days later because the FDA address had apparently changed and the “forwarding order expired.” And thus began the process of trying to make progress on a matter involving the federal government.

On August 1, 2017, Dad posted a free download of the Aging book online. The book is a pretty technical read; I have read it through twice. Dad makes a very good case for the identity of this vitamin. Some people question the “proof”; especially after the disappointing outcome that the vitamin did not cause longer lifespans in mice. (Sorry for the spoiler.) Suffice it here to say that not all the vitamins needed by humans are used by animals, especially rodents. How we wish the mice could have turned out to be “quick” proof. But again… this is the way that God so often works; slowly, almost imperceptibly. (“Proving” that something is true isn’t actually the way that science works anyway; but that is a topic for another blog post.)

My grandmother (Dad’s mother) began testing Vitamin MePA on August 29, 2017. Her story is remarkable. It is long, but I hope you will take time to read it in detail. My grandmother had always seemed to me to be a quiet and somewhat timid lady. She had lived in New Hampshire, near her loving daughter, ever since my grandfather had passed away in the year 2000. We were all amazed when we heard the news that within two months of beginning Vitamin MePA, Grandma had moved to New York state to live with her son and his family. She said that it was a dream come true to be back in the Adirondacks where she had lived and served the Lord many years ago. She is doing her lovely crafts again and seems to be happy and rejuvenated in every way.

Grandma, Winter 2018 (Photo used by permission.)

In late September, following continued stalling from the FDA [apparently the FDA doesn’t know what to do with a newly discovered vitamin; the last one discovered was B12 in the 1930’s], Dad began to make little bottles of MePA available for no charge on his website. A pre-printed label was now all that was required in order for anyone in the world to obtain a bottle of Vitamin MePA.dav

At this point, Steve and I were faced with a major decision. Was it time for us to start talking to those in our circle of family and friends about this discovery? All these years we had said nothing to anyone about it. Talking about it would be a big step. Scary. Our credibility was at stake. People would likely think we were crazy. On the other hand, if this would truly help the older folks we know and love (and younger folks too), how could we keep it to ourselves in good conscience? Now that the vitamin was actually available, this took things to a whole new level.

September 28 was a milestone day. Tom’s prostate levels had been checked after he had been taking MePA for two months with no other treatments. We got word that his level was not nearly as high as predicted/expected according to the normal cancer growth curve. What rejoicing for all involved! You can read Tom’s story to date here. More measurements have been made on his levels since that time. A new cancer growth curve appears to be happening. Whether the curve will eventually turn downwards remains to be seen. Stay tuned!

Dad was reportedly in tears after he read Tom’s email which reported the lower than expected levels. Understandably so! Can you imagine devoting pretty much your whole life to the enormous and lonely task of attempting to make such a discovery? And then actually realizing that your findings may have resulted in the slowed progression of your friend’s cancer? I mean, my goodness.

Steve began taking MePA on October 19. He has two reports available: a general report and also a report on the vitamin’s effect on his asthma. Many other folks we know also began to try the new vitamin over the subsequent weeks.

We finally decided to include a summary of the vitamin discovery in our Christmas letter to family and friends. This was our first major step toward getting the word out to those in our circle. It was heartbreaking going to church every Sunday and seeing dear elderly folks suffering in so many ways, yet knowing that it was very likely they could now be helped. The time had come to start letting people know. We still felt hesitant about it, but decided to go ahead.

My hesitations largely fell away after an incident one Sunday morning at church. On February 18, 2018, a dear 75-year-old lady (Kathryn P.) approached me. She informed me that she had ordered the vitamin after receiving our Christmas letter. She was smiling from ear to ear, telling me, “I can definitely feel a difference. I have been able to walk without my cane. My torn rotator cuff has been much less painful and I can reach farther with that arm. My knees don’t hurt with my arthritis. I am back to doing my embroidery again.” I was beyond happy to hear this report! Now I was the one smiling from ear to ear. A few days later, I told Steve, “That’s it. I’m ‘all in’ with this discovery.”

Kathryn P
Kathryn P. (Photo used by permission.)

So there you have it. This brings my blog story of the vitamin pretty much up to date, at least for right now. It is, of course, going to take decades for increased longevity to become noticeable. In the meantime, the theory is quite strong and all the health benefits being observed are helping to confirm the theory. It may seem unbelievable and not worth bothering with; but let me say this– we do know for sure that not taking the vitamin will result in “aging” and eventual death. Taking the vitamin seems to be the much smarter option at this point. Those not using the new vitamin will be, in say 50 years, 50 years more aged. Those taking Vitamin MePA will be (dare I say it?) as young as they are now? Even younger as the clock slowly turns back on aging in their bodies? Yikes. I know I sound like a nut. But, as I said, “I’m all in.”

As I write this, the patent is due to be filed in the next few weeks. Dad is working with a patent lawyer on this important step.

Dad and his lab assistant, Mark David, working steadily in the lab at learning more about the necessary daily dose of Vitamin MePA. (Photo credit: Helen Aardsma. Used by permission.)

Here you will find all the FDA communications to date. Not much (if any) progress has been made getting clearance from the FDA. In fact, at the time of this writing, the latest communication from the FDA has basically suggested (for unexplained reasons) that Dad go back and start again at the beginning of the process.

Quite a few other testimonials are now available as well. I could go on and on about the exciting times we have had as the various testimonials have come in. (Like the day we got word that Gigi’s ‘irreversible’ heart condition seemed to possibly be healing.) One thing seems to be clear: Vitamin MePA certainly appears to be doing substantial good for people.

Before I close, I want to say that I am totally in awe of what God has done and what He is doing. This is His story, just like all the rest of history, and we are privileged to be a part of it. I am so proud of my parents for their dedication, hard work, and sacrifice over these many years. There have been many hard times, as has been the case with other great discoveries by scientists of the past. Nobody will ever know all that Dad and Mom have sacrificed (on all levels) to bring about this discovery.  Being a reformer is far from easy. As Steve and I have been reminded lately, reformers don’t walk past statues of themselves every day. It’s often a lonely path to take steps toward changing the world. Reformers don’t know what the outcome of their path will be. All they can do is take the next step forward. And then the next.

I may seem a little ahead of the game in calling Dad a reformer, although I do believe that he is, and will eventually be recognized as such. However, lest it sound like I have written this story out of pure loyalty to my parents, I should mention that (of course) we have not always agreed on everything over the years. I am not writing this simply out of some kind of allegiance to my Dad and Mom, as much as I do love them and support them. My writing of this story is motivated by my “inside scoop” on this whole thing, my sincere and carefully considered belief that it is quite likely to be known as the truth in the future of our world, and my burden to help people find out about this discovery and to understand the history of it.

Nobody knows what the future holds for all of this, with the FDA, with the patent, etc. Literally, the whole world needs to know about this discovery. But for now, word is just going to have to spread from person to person. Those we know and love need to be informed about the availability of this vitamin. It could make all the difference for their health and quality of life, both today and far, far into the future.girls dand

4 thoughts on “What’s All This about a New Vitamin? Part Four.

  1. Jennifer, what a great honor I have of chatting with you. What a great thing your Dad and Mom have of revealing this to the world. We (that being Phil) and me are so proud of your dad, who happens to be our nephew. What a story to write! You aught to publish a book. You are a great writer and NEED to publish a book!! I am going to do my best to have your dad, invited on Fox and Friends! Regards to your dad and family, Edith Gilliland Aardsma


    1. Thank you Aunt Edith! That is very kind of you! It is quite a story and remarkable to watch as it continues to unfold. Blessings to you and Uncle Phil as well.


  2. I just found your blog tonight and am wondering about any updates since 2018. I learned about vitamin X a few years ago, from your sister’s mother-in-law, Gigi. My mother also has CIDP, for the last 4 years. When I first learned about it, my mom was in the midst of chemo for stomach cancer. Now she is 4 years cancer free. God worked a miracle in her life. We would love to see another miracle…praying for her to be healed from CIDP too. Maybe vitamin X will help. I would like to get more information. My mom no longer has a stomach, so everything she eats goes directly to her small intestines. I wonder if you dad would have any thoughts regarding that. Thanks for such well written posts.


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