Life is Good (by Steve Hall)

IMG_0264I love hearing my husband Steve preach and teach from God’s Word. Over the years I have grown by listening to his wisdom as he teaches, and also by watching him live so humbly as a servant of the Lord. This blog post he published today resonated with me so deeply that I wanted to share the link with you here.

Life is Good.

IMG_0256IMG_0266Katie and I went out earlier to take some pictures of buds and blooms. As you can see, this apple tree is pretty much the star of the show right now! It’s been an odd, chilly spring up here on Windy Hill so far. But it is spring nonetheless, and things are greening up all around! IMG_0278IMG_0257IMG_0280IMG_0279

One thought on “Life is Good (by Steve Hall)

  1. Forced birth will NEVER be accepted in societies that separate church from state.
    Plenty of people are not spiritual and religious ideology should be kept out of law.


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