A New Favorite Family Game

This game is a great find! I came across it while searching for a few last-minute Christmas gift ideas. My sister pointed me to this sweet blog. I checked it out and found some excellent gift ideas that I implemented right away.gameboxOne of the many great ideas I found there was this card game called “Blink”.  I ordered it as a gift for the family, from Amazon Prime, for $6.99. When I saw that it involved colors and shapes I thought, “Sounds fun for the younger ages, at least.” It turned out to be fun not only for the younger ages, but truly fun for the whole family! When the 4-year-old asks the 15-year-old to play, and he readily agrees, you know you have found a good FAMILY game! Even Steve enjoys it and has challenged me to several rounds. (Only because he always wins… but moving on…) IMG_0114So far, we have tested this game on ages 2 up to grandparent. All have enjoyed it! The box says “ages 7 and up”, but I think “4 and up” would be a better label. Four-year-olds are usually much smarter than we give them credit for. (The 2-year-old does have to have a helper, to be able to play, but she understands the concept pretty well already.) Countless rounds have been played already, and it’s only been a few weeks since Christmas. Two players play at a time.IMG_0082IMG_0078We have stacks and stacks of games that we have played as a family and used for numerous youth group activities and parties over the years. Blink is at the top of our favorite list now.IMG_0095Here’s why:
-One round only takes a few minutes. When a child asks, “Mom, will you play Blink with me?” I can actually say “Yes!”– even though supper has to be started in five minutes, and the baby is about to wake up from his nap, and the grocery list isn’t finished yet.
-If you are looking for more than a few minutes of fun, you can play best out of five, or set up a Blink tournament.
-The concept is very simple (matching color, shape, or number), but engaging for all ages. Our 4 and 6 year olds sure loved teaching their PawPaw how to play!IMG_0087-You don’t even have to wait for your turn. Now THIS is unusual for a card game, I think. Once again, perfect for the little ones. Everyone plays just as fast as they can, and the first one to run out of cards is the winner.
-You can play even if a few cards are missing out of the deck. Not that we ever have that happen around here… right.boys1No doubt it was the best $6.99 we spent this Christmas. Just had to share! Maybe your family would enjoy as well. I’m going to have to run, because (no joke) Olivia just came over with the box of cards saying, “Mommy, will you play Blink with me?”

Hope your new year is off to a great start!Awcards2


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